Great Lakes Trail Marker Trees tell significant history in area.

For generations, Native Americans in the Great Lakes region and beyond used a distinct method to help them traverse through the forest. Trail Marker Trees are trees that were shaped into a specific configuration by man to be easily distinguished and then used to aid in land or water navigation or mark symbolic Native American sites. There are a few documented trail trees in the region…

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Gaylord schools to close as virus cases continue climbing in area.

COVID-19 infections are increasing at a rapid pace in Otsego County and Northern Michigan, driven in part by rising cases among the school-age population. The Gaylord Community Schools announced Wednesday that in-person and online classes in the district will cease on Thursday and Friday. Schools will remain closed for the annual spring break next week from March 29-April 2.

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Health official: ‘We are over halfway to the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population.’

While more than 27,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered so far by the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, and more doses of the vaccine appear to be on the way this week. A story published in Bridge Michigan Saturday said the three coronavirus manufacturers are expected to ship more than 554,000 doses to Michigan this week…

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