The city maintains two cemetery’s, both the Fairview and Bagley cemeteries.  

Fairview Cemetery

Situated in the City of Gaylord, the County of Otsego, the State of Michigan, Fairview Cemetery is located on the northeastern corner of North Ohio Avenue and Fairview Road.

Although there are records indicating that cemetery lots were sold as early as 1892, it was not until May of 1897 that the original 30.0 acres of the cemetery were purchased by Livingston Township from Frank Calkins, Charles Haight, and Nellie Haight, his wife. The purchase price was $650.

There are four tombstones dated as early as 1881, 1883, and 1884. It is possible, however, that these individuals were transferred to the new cemetery from somewhere else.

The ownership of the cemetery was transferred to the City of Gaylord by court order on May 26, 1944.

Bagley Cemetery

Located at the corner of Otsego Avenue (Old 27 South) and Grandview Boulevard in the City of Gaylord, the County of Otsego County, the State of Michigan. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county and was originally called the Bagley Township Cemetery. It is now owned and maintained by the City of Gaylord.

Nowhere in Bagley Township or the City of Gaylord was there a record of the burials. The burial records on file were obtained directly from the tombstones and grave markers, some of which were so old and deteriorated that they were unreadable. A number of graves have no markers at all. Additional information was obtained from death certificates. Burial records are as complete and accurate as possible.

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