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DPW – Superintendent


Chief Water Operator

Public Works

The City of Gaylord Public Works Superintendent oversees the day to day maintenance, cleaning, and snow management of City streets, parks, and other City owned properties. The department also manages the City’s water program, the waste water treatment plant, and fall yard waste pickup.

Street Maintenance

The Department of Public Works (DPW) Street Department is responsible for all facets of maintenance and operations of streets within the City limits. This includes maintenance of traffic signals, signs, and winter maintenance consisting of salting and snow plowing and surface maintenance. Surface maintenance involves street sweeping, clearing of streets, crack sealing, and patching potholes. The DPW is responsible for management of the city’s storm water system that involves maintenance of catch basins and cleaning debris from storm water lines. Public Works administration is also involved with planning and inspecting street construction projects.

The DPW also maintains streetlights, sidewalks, and municipal buildings and grounds maintenance at City Hall, the Public Works garages, and public restrooms. This work consists of mowing and weed trimming grass, planting and maintaining landscaping, maintaining the city parking lots, small remodeling projects, and maintenance of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Parks Maintenance

The DPW is responsible for maintenance of all seven of the city parks, including the Pavilion. The DPW is actively involved in Pavilion events and facilities rentals of the DDA equipment used there such as the stage, the sound system, and the curtains. 

The DPW also maintains Aspen Park, including the trails throughout the over 100-acre park and the Elk Herd within the park. The city cares for and feeds the Elk. 


Cemetery Maintenance

DPW staff maintain both Fairview and Bagley cemeteries. The DPW staff also serve as cemetery sexton for Fairview Cemetery.

Leaf and Brush Pickup

Lawn and Leaf bags are provided to city residents at City Hall for their leaves or lawn clippings. DPW staff picks up lawn and leaf bags and picks up yard waste for city residents throughout the year.

Motor Pool

City motor pool equipment is maintained by the DPW Mechanic who performs regular maintenance on all city equipment, including trucks, snowplows, and other equipment used on a daily basis by our public works.

Water Department

Chief Water Operator

Chief Water Operator

The Chief Water Operator is entrusted with the critical responsibility of managing Gaylord’s water treatment and distribution systems. This role involves ensuring the safety and quality of the city’s water supply, overseeing maintenance and operations of water facilities, and complying with environmental regulations. The Chief Water Operator plays a key role in safeguarding public health and sustaining the city’s vital water resources.

Water Quality Report

The City of Gaylord Water Quality Reports provide information on the drinking water quality for the City of Gaylord water system. Included in the reports are details about where the water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards.

Water Quality Report 

City of Gaylord 2023 Water Quality Report

City of Gaylord 2022 Water Quality Report PDF

City of Gaylord 2021 Water Quality Report.PDF

City of Gaylord Water Quality Report 2020.PDF

PFAS Report

The Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART) has undertaken a proactive effort to investigate sources and locations of PFAS contamination in Michigan, to protect our drinking water, and to inform the public about PFAS. This involves the work of ten state departments, in coordination with local and federal officials.

This letter is intended to provide the results of PFAS analyses in samples collected from the city of Gaylord.

Gaylord Water & Sewer Rate Schedule

Properties Inside the City Limits

ClassificationWater Consumption Charge Per 100 Cubic FeetMonthly Water Base ChargeSewer Consumption Charge Per 100 Cubic FeetMonthly Sewer Base ChargeMonthly WW Rep/Main ChargeMonthly Water Rep/Main ChargeMin. Bill No Usage
Residential$1.46$10.78$4.66$15.16$2.43 $1.21 $29.58

Properties Outside the City Limits

ClassificationWater Consumption Charge Per 100 Cubic FeetMonthly Water Base ChargeSewer Consumption Charge Per 100 Cubic FeetMonthly Sewer Base ChargeMonthly WW Rep/Main ChargeMonthly Water Rep/Main ChargeMin. Bill No Usage
Residential$2.92$21.56$9.32$30.32$4.86 $2.42 $59.16
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